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Harley-Davidson Motor Company (NYSE: HOG, formerly code-named HDI) is an American motorcycle manufacturer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company sells heavy-duty motorcycles designed for road cruising with a displacement of more than 750 cc.

Harley-Davidson locomotives have a unique design and outstanding performance, and driven by the “American locomotive” (chopper) style customization of heavy motorcycles of the wave.

Harley-Davidson attracted a loyal following, with Harley-Davidson’s license revenue accounting for about 5% of the company’s turnover ($ 41 million in 2004).


In 2003, the Buell Motorcycle Company became a wholly owned subsidiary of Harley-Davidson, and in the same year Harley-Davidson also welcomed the centenary of its founding. In August 2008, Harley-Davidson bought Italian motorcycle maker MV Agusta. Harley-Davidson is a major US supplier of police motorcycles.

In 1901, the then-21-year-old William S. Harley designed a small engine with a displacement of 116 cc and a 102 mm (4 in) diameter flywheel. This engine is designed to be used in the general bicycle frame.

The next two years, Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson (Arthur Davidson) in the friend Henry Miaoke’s mechanical shop to make their “mopeds.” In 1903, with the assistance of Arthur’s brother, Walter Davidson, completed the moped.

But they found that the moped did not ride the most flat hills of Milwaukee without a pedal. Harley and Davidson used their first moped as a learning experience.