Countries that markets the most motorcycle

Motorcycle are now common in every household and in most places of the world whether developing or developed countries and cities. It is not just for the benefit of transportation anymore but it is one form of contentment owning one yourself. Motorcycle is one part of social activity. Riders can just meet and form groups to travel places and explore new things. Motorcycle owners and enthusiasts also organized motor racing events and motor sports that can even involve extreme activities.

Then what countries markets the most motorcycle? Some are in Europe but mostly in Asian countries specifically China, India and Vietnam. It seems motorcycle is not just for convenience or needs but a symbol of social status in some way. Asian countries prefer motrocycles than car because of transportation. It is the most convenient and cheap. Many of these countries are crowded and more distance to cover. Using motorcycle can let them do errands and even going to school more efficient than commuting or using cars. Some cities have ratio of  one motorcycle for one family but some bigger families do own more.

Let us know some reasons to buy motorcycle than car.  They are cheaper than cars and have many choices either in terms of quality and design. They are fuel efficient, lesser pollution , easy maintenance  and parking is easy . Are you now considering to ditch your car and buy a motorcycle for yourself? an autocad motor biker did it. If considering, read again and decide for yourself.