Internal combustion engine that changed the world of transportation

In the eye of technology advancement, the world has become so proud of itself since easy transportation has been enjoyed. It is important to note of course how the world has come this far from the traditional manpower system. Compare our life to that of the bronze age’s or even middle age’s. We have almost reached the utmost height of power that people in those ages never imagined would happen. What made our life so convenient? Thanks to Internal Combustion Engine.

What is an internal combustion engine?This is an engine that works to release energy from a fuel and air mixture. Gasoline, natural gas, diesel or whatever fuel is used to run a vehicle, have become useful in the transportation through the power of combustion engine. This is how it works. The fixed cylinder and moving piston built in the engine work after the combustion. The powerstrain receives a signal from the crankshaft rotated by the piston, to drive the wheels. By the way, internal combustion engine has two kinds over this link 淨麗美清潔. One is the spark ignition gasoline engine-the spark ignites the fuel-air mixture.

The other is the compression ignition gasoline engine-hot compressed air ignites it. These works with fuel to minimize the use of many fuel.

One employee from a railway station said that ” The world we thought was so big, became a small ground. It solved the problem in building highways and buildings needed in industry jump over here It becomes possible to beat the time in order to be able to sustain our living.”