Introduction of Motorcycle – History ,The First inventor

The word “motor” originated from the Latin word “motor” which means “mover”. The cycle was gotten from the “bicycle”. The motorcycle that we literally see now is totally different from its original figure. Now, there different types of motorcycle that we see and these paved the way for sole transportation, thanks to the contributors to the invention. This was not named motorcycle when it was first created. It did not use gas either. How was this invented?

Bicycles invented by the Michaux and company that devised to attach a steam engine to its velocipede or pedals. This design reache America when Pierre Lallement filed for the first bicycle patent in US. This is the first steam-powered motorcycle. In 1867, American Sylvester Howard Roper invented the two-cylinder, steam-powered velocipede which was also recognized. Unfortunately, he died while riding his motorcycle. Their invention started the motorcycle modern inventions BOT-TO Tech creation. So in 1885, German Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas-engine motorcycle which was an engine attached to a wooden bike, and built the Otto Cycle Engine into a motorcycle. Otto Cycle Engine was built by Nicolaus August Otto, an engineer.

In 1892, Alex Millet incorporated the safety bicycle design. He also added a five-cylinder wheel that rotate the wheel.

Many motorcycle companies emerged in the 1990s including Harley and Davidson Company that constructed motorcycles (many metals were bought from companies). The use of motorcycles started to be widely used when the first World War broke out instead of using horses. Now, we see the evolution of motorcycle that is used for safe and quick transportation.